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Best Web Series on MX Player MX player is a great app to watch remarkable contents for free. It has some great movies and web series. The best part of the app or website is that you don’t need to pay for their services, unlike Netflix and amazon prime. Here I have shared top 10 Best Web Series on MX Player.


In Best Web Series on MX Player list at no 10, we have NAKED.

NAKED is a story about a girl named Natasha, who is a porn star. His boyfriend is found dead on his bed. Natasha is the prime suspect. The investigation is lead by inspector Suraj who falls in love with Natasha. People think she is manipulating Suraj to escape the murder case. Did Natasha murder his boyfriend you will watch in this series?

9. Official Bhootiyagiri 

In Best Series on MX Player list at no 9, we have Official Bhootiyagiri .

The lead actor of this series is Sumeet Vyas, whom you must have been seen in, Permanent Roommate. This story is of Dilawar Rana, who gets out of jail after a long time. His stepmom offers him to run a hotel that is haunted. He keeps the name of the hotel haunted hotel where people can experience ghosts. Working with spirits becomes severe with time. Can he save this hotel you will watch in this series?

8. Pawan and Pooja

In Best Series on MX Player list at no 8, we have Pawan and Pooja .

Pawan and Pooja is a love story of three couples whose names are the same but have different ages. This is a romantic series which shows the ups and downs of their love life.

7. Ek Thi Begum

In Best Web Series on MX Player list at no 7, we have Ek Thi Begum.

Ek Thi Begum is a story of Ashraf Bhatkar and whose husband is murdered by mafia Nana. His husband worked for mafia nana who kills his brother. Ashraf decides that she will take revenge on her husband’s murder. Is she successful you will watch in the web series?

6. Hello Mini

In Best Web Series on MX Player list at no 6, we have Hello Mini.

Hello Mini is a story of a girl named Rivanah Bannerjee who starts her career in Mumbai. She wants to live her life without limitation. This web series becomes interesting when a Strange starts to stalk her. Stranger helps Rivanah with her problems in her life. Can she get rid of this stalker you will watch on this web series?

5. Mastram

In Best Web Series on MX Player list at no 5, we have Mastram.

Mastram is a story of 1980s whose lead actor is Rajaram, who is a writer by profession. His novels are not sold out then his publisher suggests him to write adult stories. Now he starts to become famous, and he gets rich, but he has to hide all this from his wife, which may create a problem in his life.

4. Bhaukaal 

In Best Web Series on MX Player list at no 4, we have Bhaukaal .

Bhaukaal is based on a real-life story of Naveen Sikhera. This story is based on Muzaffarnagar up where two gangs rule. Naveen Sikhera is posted in this area this web series shows how Naveen Sikhera ends the rule of these gangs.

3. Queen

In Best Web Series on MX Player list at no 3, we have Queen.

Queen is a life story of Sakti who is brilliant in her studies from her childhood. Due to financial problem, her mother forces her to join the film industry where she starts as a child actress. She is married to a famous actor. Due to some problems, they spilt up, and later Sakti becomes a politician.

2. Cheesecake

In Best Web Series on MX Player list at no 2, we have Cheesecake.

Cheesecake is a story of a married couple who are not happy with their married life. A dog comes in their life whose name is Cheesecake. Sammera adopts the dog, and their life becomes more joyful. This is a must-watch movie for dog lovers.

1. Madhuri Talkies 

In Best Web Series on MX Player list at no 1, we have Madhuri Talkies .

Madhuri Talkies  is a crime thriller. This web series has amazing action scenes.

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